Shale Drilling Really is a Disaster Waiting around to occur

Another error was the master himself who, when faced with the situation, warned passengers that there was only one electrical malfunction. "It was a half truth, because it is not reported that there had been a collision. He should have told passengers to ‘abandon ship’. A decision was taken only over an hour after the […]

Shale Drilling Is usually a Calamity Patiently waiting to occur

Simplistically, we can say that the requirements of subdivision are insufficient. The ship was designed to resist with two compartments flooded, and had been designed to resist with three compartments flooded would have been able to survive if other parameters were also observed. The problem is not the floodable length. For the hole of 50 […]

Shale Drilling Is often a Devastation Ready to take place

The problem was clearly the second pillar, and when it fails, the first is unable to provide the expected protection. Without justification or excuse possible, the ship approached land, an inexplicably high and too fast, so for a navigation along the coast and towards which returned a minimum distance from the coast and an inadmissible […]

Shale Drilling May be a Catastrophe Ready to take place

The human toll in the sinking of the Costa Concordia was not only the greatest proximity to the coast. What, according Rucemah, is a justification for the defense of the captain Francesco Schettino will answer for manslaughter (without intent to kill). "On defense, the allegation is that he was able to stop the ship, performing […]

Shale Drilling Is known as a Mess Holding out to take place

Again, it no longer remains the slightest doubt; the disaster was caused by human error, an intolerable and inexplicable human error. The practice of passing very close back to a new mode show the flag now a demonstration of the beauty and grandeur of the ships of the Company, to the delight of passengers and […]

Shale Drilling Is truly a Catastrophe Waiting around to Happen

Another lesson concerns the leakage, critical to maintaining the balance of the ship, which could be maintained if there were squares of insulated motors. "Until three compartments could be flooded without the ship to lose his balance. The problem is that the ships magazines have huge corridors and tightness does not work. “Lessons that should […]

Shale Drilling Is definitely a Problem Looking to take place

The incident highlighted something fundamental, which does not follow the conventions, and other rules, but common sense and sense of prudence. It is not lawful to do an awesome navigation with minimal guard, without a reasonable safety margin, as would always be the Costa Concordia, even if there had been a collision with earth. There […]

Shale Drilling Is a really Problem Waiting to take place

The Costa Concordia insured for 425 million Euros, is unlikely to be recovered. "The liability of the insurer’s insured value and service, and also by the value of the particular fault. However, do not stop there. If there is a liability at any time, we will have a third insured levy, "he said. Losses, which, […]

Shale Drilling Can be a Failure Hanging around to take place

Pillar 1 – The building standards that ensure safe construction, able to cope with the violence of the sea, to its most violent storms, a building with constructive solutions and devices that allow you to master the fires that might erupt on board and able to maintain buoyancy and stability even in the event of […]

Shale Drilling Can be described as Problem Looking to occur

To talk about the causes of the accident, the Fenseg invited naval engineer and Referee Regulator Faults Marine, Rucemah Leonardo Gomes Pereira for a lecture held on April 24 in Sindseg-SP.He opened the meeting by noting that based on data from the U.S. market in the 80s, 1980, cruises boarded about 2 million passengers, a […]